May 20, 2010

Taking over our lives

Technology, iphones, internet, facebook... all incredible advances...
I'm able to do things that were science fiction just a couple years
ago. Communicating with family and friends at a touch of button, post
a blog from my iphone while on the go, check the weather, check the
traffic, leap over tall buildings in a single bound!

But at what cost... we're spending less and less time together,
physically there, but our brains hardwired to facebook.

Last night I got the kids to shutdown their machines at 8pm, 5 minutes
later Rapha is on his guitar, Isa is with him singing and whoa! whats
that sound, LOL for real! OK a bit of an exageration, but sadly
something that is happening, with our whole social landscape morphing
into a virtial reality.

So tell me, how has all this new fangled stuff affected your lives?

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