Apr 9, 2013

So what can you do with your phone camera?

Phone: Iphone 4s
Apps used: Camera+, Snapseed, corel paint it now, blender

This is the original photo straight out of camera plus

Load into Snapseed, converted to black and white, applied vintage filter conert to black and white, adjust contrast, brightness, etc, play around with the different filters till you get an image you like

Load into Corel - Paint it now, apply impressionist filter. You can probably leave it as is at this point, but wanted to see if i could lessen the effect a bit

Load the image coverted to black and white in snapseed and the image from Paint It now. Blend to taste and thats it.

Not really that hard to do. The trick is really in getting an image that this type of processing would work with. More in that later :)