Oct 15, 2010

do ya'll remember film ?

 its been quite some time since I loaded a roll , still have my old Nikon SLR in a box somewhere, maybe I should bring it out and shoot some. Anyway, the reason for the  renewed interest was that I was going through an old box of my prints and found a few I thought were worth keeping :) IMHO

This image was taken around 20 years ago of  my Grandma Teriang, into her twilight years she'd be climbing into the mountains in Mindanao to the blind mission she and her husband Proculo started, I don't have too many images of her left, glad I kept this one

Aug 30, 2010


Went to two 50 year old birthday celebrations last Saturday , lunch time party was a buffet with a mix of western and asian food...

Dinner party was a real treat with a live demo of how to cook paella (chicken and pork) by a for real Spaniard no less (thanks Carlos), really took the Aussie barbeque to a whole new level.

First take a giant pan about 80 cm across..... (shoulda taken notes)

Aug 11, 2010

Feeling the love

There's a special bond between a mother and her babe , I don't know how to describe, you just know its there when you see it.

Aug 10, 2010

Pretty quiet in Sydney today

Not too many people about, must be the rain.... went for a walk this lunchtime to give the 50 a workout.... forgotten how much fun a prime lens can be...

Jul 28, 2010

The choices we make

and the chances we take determines our destiny... Unknown

hmmm, mine seems to be gaining weight...