Sep 6, 2009

Photographic IT-ness

What are we aiming for in our photographic journey? over the years scouring the photo forums, I've seen the same question in vaious forms pop up "How do I know when I've got IT".... heck, I've asked it myself?

aummmmmmmmmm... you must reach the 6th level of IT-ness my child before you can trully call yourself a "Photographer" . Nothing wrong with striving to better your art, but sometime I think the goal of attaining IT-ness overwhelms the joy of the actual journey.

I'm a regular reader of the blogs and twitter posts of the likes of Chase Jarvis, Joe McNally and Mr. Strobist (people who I would say are way past the 6th level of IT-ness) and one of the things I see in common is that they're all enjoying their individual journeys, there's this sense of exuberance with the whole process of creating more than the end result (though their end results are usually pretty spectacular) and they are more than happy to share that experience with us noobs.

and then there's Lee a Junior in High school who uses a point and shoot (though I hear he's recently upgraded to an SLR) , he's got the same exuberance and joy of discovery as our photographers of great IT-ness. and is thoroughly enjoying his own journey...

ok, so what was I talking about again, I forget my point..... oh yeah...

it doesn't matter what stage you are in your photographic journey , if you're absolutlely loving what your're doing (irrespective of the results) then you my friend have achieved great IT-ness!!!

Spent the afternoon with my son at the Archery range .... that was great fun , but could not for the life of me capture the arrow flying out to the target!

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