Sep 28, 2009

Nikon SB 900 off camera

Somebody asked me recently how to do a basic setup of the Nikon SB-900
off camera with the D300. So here goes..

First the camera

Click on the menu button and go to CUSTOM SETTING MENU
Select option e: Bracketing/Flash.

Next Select option e3 Flash cntrl for built-in flash

Next Select the Commander mode option
Next have a look at the Built-in flash setting, by default this is set to TTL - cycle through it till you see
the "--" (you have a choice of Manual, TTL or "--") this minimises the amount of flash coming out of your pop-up flash.  You can pretty much leave the Group A and B settings as is (in TTL) or dial in + or - compensation depending on your need (in this particular instance we only have one flash so we are only actually using one or the other (A or B). Next Select a Channel (1 to 4) I happen to like the number 3 so thats what I've selected

Now the flash

Switch the Flash to remote using that little button/switch on the bottom right hand corner.
Next we need to set the flash to match the settings we did on the Camera (Group A, Channel 3)
the current group/channel are displayed at the top of the LCD screen.
To select a group press on the small button on the left most side (there is a set of 3 just below the LCD screen, its the one with the green dot beside it) and it will cycle you through the available groups(A,B,C).
To select a Channel (we want channel 3)use the second button from the left

And thats it good to go........

Theres a whole lot more you can do with it from both the flash and the camera , everything from controlling it manually to using TTL, dialing in +/- compensation and so on .... , for more advanced stuff you can do check out Strobist , probably the best resource anywhere for off camera flashing .

Anybody else know of other flash resources out there? please share :)

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