Aug 1, 2011

Growing old gracefully - Photo 17 of 50

Seeing this loving couple on the bench brought the thought to mind "Growing old gracefully"

So what does "Growing old gracefully" mean, seeing the ads on TV and magazines ( those glossy paper things with words and pictures in them) it seems to mean spending a fortune on wrinkle creams and hair products, dieting, exercising, popping a million vitamin suppliments all to stave off the ravages of time. Its about looking good, having the body of a 30 year old at 40, 50, 60?

I look at this couple and see the gray hairs, the wrinkles, the oldness and think this would make an interesting picture but as I look through my lens I see something more, I see a tender touch on the face, i see the loving looks, i see a smile... I've missed the shot, but feel strangely at peace, I've gained something more, something to look forward to as I grow older...

So what does it mean to you "Growing old gracefully?

Epilogue: trying to convince the wife I really don't need to exercise and diet so much anymore :)

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