Jun 15, 2011

Synchronised Blinking

You know the drill, camera on tripod, timer on, the rest of family posed, click, run, pose, wait for it, chikchik. Check picture, bleh... Sis blinked... Ok one more time, this time try to keep your eyes open... chikchik, why y'all got that wombat-in-the-headlights look.... Ok one more time... chikchik... ad infinitum....

As my son would decribe it, EPIC FAIL Dad!

And so begins the epic quest to capture that one perfect family self portrait....

First stop Google.....
As luck would have it the first web page I opened was awkward family photos. This is a wonderfull resource and I highly recomend it as a starting point for anyone thinking of shooting a family portrait.

SWMBO comes over and says "get over it already, lets just go to a proper studio and let a pro take our portrait"

A pro, A PRO!!! What can a pro do that I cant, I got the big camera, the flash thingy, umbrellas. Even did some research on "How to become a professional photographer" another great resource by the way, with 5 simple tips explained in terms anybody can understand.

thats all for now folks...the quest continues tomorrow...or next week... maybe

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